How To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

You can create bouncy curls with a hair straightener. This is a simple process that only requires having the right tools and following the recommended steps to achieve the results you want. It requires a little practice but once you master the technique it becomes something interesting you can do any time.

See the procedure below to learn the best way to achieve beautiful curls using a straightener.

Prepping the hair

The first step, of course, is to do the preparation. Begin with cleaning and drying the hair as wet hair will not curl. After cleaning the hair, wrap it with a towel to remove the dampness. Ensure the hair is dry before you can proceed with any other procedure. There are wet-to-dry straighteners you could use, but even if you had one it’s still advisable to dry the hair before you begin. The hair should be washed in past 24 hours as dirty hair is likely not going to hold shape. If you want to blow dry the hair first, make sure to use mousse because the extra volume helps to keep the hair from appearing too flat while you curl it.

Use a flat iron

Find a good straightener, most recommended 1 to 2 inches. Note that a paddle-style, flat iron will not also form the curls and it can be harder to wrap and hold if the hair fails to stay in the right place. A good quality flat iron will allow you to work faster and will not do damage. Ensure you have a good straightener if you want positive results. You can purchase yours here and choose from a variety of high-quality tools that you need to work on your hair.

Apply heat protectant

A protectant is important as it forms a protective barrier between the iron and the hair. It ensures your hair does not burn. Spray all over the hair until each section is covered well. For persons with thick hair, it’s advisable to spray on each section because doing so only at the top will not reach the bottom layers. Additionally, ensure to comb out tangles in the hair before you apply heat.

Part the hair into sections

It’s easier to work on the hair if you have several sections instead of trying to curl the whole mess at the same time. If you have thicker hair, you will need more sections. Make the curls by turning your straightener round while holding one section. Go a full turn and also experiment with turning the straightener over and under the hair. If the hair seems not to curl easily, apply hairspray on the sections before curling again. Use a non-aerosol spray and don’t apply the hairspray in excess as it becomes stiff and crunchy. Grab one section after another as smaller sections make tighter, smaller curls. To keep the curls tight through the day, you can apply a mist of hairspray.

You can easily create beautiful curls using a hair straightener. All you need is to master the procedure to follow and you will have it easy. The first thing you must remember is to clean your hair before you start any works on it, and make sure to dry the hair before you begin the curling process. While curling the hair, separate it into small sections that are easy to grab with the flat iron.

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