Reasons to Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Few things can be as relaxing as being able to laugh at one’s own failures. Science also began to recognize the value of self-irony. Self-deprecating humor not only raises mood but also improves overall health. The study published in the Psychology and Individual Differences journal reports that people with developed self-irony are more successful psychologically.

Depending on how we use jokes, they can lead to positive or negative consequences. So, it’s better not to resort to self-irony to hide your anger. Understanding how useful laughter is can improve your life. If you are looking for the reasons to treat yourself less seriously, they are in front of you.

1. It will be easier for you to establish positive relationships with people

Laughter releases oxytocin; this hormone increases confidence and helps a person be more open. In addition, sincerity always attracts. Revealing your shortcomings through humor, you attract people so that they begin to feel comfortable. Finally, the third argument is that no one likes whiners. People are drawn to those who radiate positive emotions.

2. You will be able to reconsider your problems

When you face fear or stress, let yourself see the funny side, which can be found in almost any situation. Laughter will relieve your emotions, calm you down and help to see what is happening from a different angle. Of course, do not laugh when facing threats, otherwise, your life will turn into a continuous tantrum. But most of the troubles you come across are not as serious as you imagine them to be.

3. Humor will help to develop creative thinking

It’s not just about self-irony, but about laughter in general. There are many studies that confirm that positive emotions allow us to solve problems more creatively and effectively. Psychologists recommend paying attention to what makes you laugh: funny memes in social networks, silly songs or amusing shows. A joke about yourself can be one of those things.

4. This is an excellent tool for dealing with possible stress

Being influenced by something positive before you experience a tense situation reduces its bad impact. Self-irony helps you control this “positive” effect. If you are afraid of a difficult meeting or interview, discuss this with a loved one in a humorous way. This will help reduce the pathos of an upcoming event and relax. Humor is a powerful tool for overcoming any life stress. The ability not only to understand other people’s jokes but also to take advantage of self-irony will help you to always master the situation.

5. You will treat yourself better

Self-irony should be a soft way to recognize your own shortcomings. By making fun of yourself you make it clear that all people are imperfect. When you can treat your shortcomings in a kind way, you will become more tolerant of others, too. Laughing at yourself can be evil or tough, but it will help you love yourself more.

Austrian scholars consider craving for black humor a sign of high intelligence. They asked more than 150 people with different levels of education to evaluate 12 gloomy comic books with jokes about death and mutilation. Their research showed that the fans of black humor are intelligent and emotionally stable rather than aggressive.

The results are published in the Cognitive Processing journal. You can feel the positive effect of self-irony only if it is sincere. Mind the limits: do not resort to self-abasement and do not make yourself ridiculous. Your goal is to laugh heartily rather than to cause pity.


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