Dumb Things You Do When in Love

Nothing returns your youth so quickly like falling in love does. In this case, saying “youth” we mean “stupidity”. Attraction to another person makes us do dumb things, and here are just a few of them. If you think that no one notices this, you will be disappointed.


A new day is a new trend. Let’s talk about the popular female way to attract attention – gatsbying. If you read Fitzgerald or at least saw a film with Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire in the title role, you know that the name Gatsby is associated with stormy parties. According to the plot, the protagonist arranged parties to attract the attention of the beloved woman living nearby.

Gatsbying is the behavior when a person deliberately creates an event to attract the attention of the one whom he likes. Simply put, instead of directly writing to the guy that you want to meet, you throw a party and hope that he will come. Or you post stories on Instagram for him to see them. Another way to attract the attention of a guy is to arrange an accidental meeting with him in the place that he often happens to visit. It’s romantic, but only in movies. In life, such pseudo-accidental encounters most often look unnatural and intrusive.

Internet stalking

Following his page on the Internet is a real pandemic. One can check the social network of an unfamiliar guy to get to know him better before a date. We even told you how to do it right. But in the case of Internet stalking, it is not a matter of your harmless desire to understand whether you should spend time with this person. It’s all about persecution. Knowing the avatars of all his friends, looking for his photos on their pages, tracking history and geolocation to know where and with whom he spends time. After all, some guys seldom appear online and do not publish any new posts for years.

Rehearsing your conversations

To rehearse a conversation with a man to the smallest detail is my favorite occupation. There he does not say stupid phrases like “you smeared your face with shawarma sauce” or “give me some cash to refuel the car.” You rehearse where to say an ambiguous joke with some romantic overtones and where to smile mysteriously. Of course, he will appreciate your sense of humor and say something intriguing in response. Alternatively, you can only come up with dialogues in disputes or mentally explain to the guy how you feel. None of these conversations will ever leave your head, but you can spend many wonderful minutes rehearsing such fantasy dialogues. Yet it seems to be something like paranoia.

Analyzing each of his texts in detail

A post in social networks, a comment in public, his status, or his messages to you. The main idea of a woman in love is to know what he means. There seems to be a hint in any fleeting moment or occasional phrase, song or picture. It is important not only what he writes, but also how quickly he reads your messages and answers them. It’s a pity that you cannot see what he’s doing at the moment: driving a car or lying in front of his laptop and ignoring you deliberately. You are looking for what you want to see – the signs of admiration for you. Believe it, if the guy really feels something, he will not need veiled hints to say about it.

Trying to pronounce his surname

It slips into your mind from nowhere. Even for a moment, the most adequate of us would imagine ourselves with the potential boyfriend’s surname. We’re not talking about frankly worried girls who manage to fancy how they will sign papers with their new surname right after the man drinks coffee with them.

Laughing at his jokes too loudly

With each new burst of laughter, you scream about how interested you are in this guy. It’s great if he really has a wonderful sense of humor. However, if no one except you reacts to his jokes with laughter in a large company of friends, it is worth thinking about your adequacy.

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