Ideas for Creating a Closet to Organize All Your Clothing and Accessories

Do you have clothes and accessories that are piled on top of each other? Do you often find yourself opening the closet barn door with the barn door hardware, digging around in your closet to find something to wear? If this sounds like your closet, then it is time for some organization. When you organize all of your clothing and accessories, it will make them easier to find when you need them and save a lot of space. Here are ways that will help get your closet organized:

1. Start with your everyday clothes

You should start by organizing the items that you wear on a day-to-day basis. This will be easier if they are already hanging up, but just in case they’re not, don’t worry

  • Make sure all of the hangers face the same direction and hang like items together (shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts)
  • If you have any wrinkled or dirty items, place them in a separate pile to be washed first.
  • With your everyday clothes now organized and clean, it will be easier for you to access the other clothing items behind them

2. Organize your shoes

Shoes are some of the most challenging items to organize because they come in so many shapes, sizes and styles

  • Start by laying out all of your shoes on the floor or bed—yes, I said it. All of them. This will give you a good sense of what types of shoe storage you may need
  • Use a shoe rack to store multiple pairs of shoes in the same space. There are so many different styles and shapes and sizes that can work for almost any closet

3. Organize your accessories

There are lots of great ways to organize your scarves, hats, and other miscellaneous items

  • One idea is to use a tiered jewellery organizer. You can hang it in the closet or on the inside of a door for easy access. This will keep all of your jewellery together so that they don’t get lost or tangled up with each other
  • Another idea is to use a shoe organizer for your accessories like scarves, belts and hats. Just hang it on the back of your closet door for easy access when you’re getting ready in the morning

4. Organize your off-season clothes

Once you have everything organized in the closet, it’s a good idea to put away any clothes that do not make winter-weather friendly

  • You can store these items under the bed or on an extra closet shelf for easy access when they are needed again next year. Just make sure to label them so that you don’t forget where they are
  • You can also use a storage tote with handles to store these items in the garage or basement

5. Use the top shelf for extra storage

  • The top of your closet can be used to store items that are not being used right now but might come in handy later on
  • This is an excellent place for off-season clothes, shoes, or bags you don’t use often, and seasonal decorations like wreaths or holiday lights

6. Use a basket or bin to store small accessories

  • If you have many smaller items that need easy access, use a basket or container with multiple compartments
  • You can also label the baskets so it’s easier for kids and adults alike to find what they are looking for

7. Use a clear shoe organizer to store accessories that you use often

There are so many great ways to organize your jewellery and other items

  • One idea is using a clear plastic hanging shoe organizer
  • It has multiple pockets for easy access, making them perfect for storing things like lotion, hair ties, makeup. This also allows you to see what you have so it’s easier to avoid buying duplicates

8. Use a tiered storage unit to store items that you use often

If you wear certain clothing or accessory items more than others, it is nice to have them easily accessible.

  • A great way of doing this is using a tier stand inside the closet. These come in different sizes with adjustable shelves so they can fit in any wardrobe

9. Use a shoe rack to organize shoes

  • Shoes are some of the most challenging items to store – especially if you have lots and lots
  • A great way of storing them is using a shoe rack that can fit in your closet or underneath the bed. This allows easy access while keeping all of your shoes organized and out of sight when they are not in use
  • You can also purchase a shoe rack with multiple compartments that keep shoes separated by type — perfect for families

10. Assign a home for all of your clothing

  • It may seem like an obvious idea, but it is essential to always put away items in the same place when you are done using them
  • This will make getting dressed each morning much easier and faster since everything has its specific spot
  • Not only that, but it will also make your mornings less chaotic by eliminating the need to search for specific items
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