How to Take Care of Linen Clothes?

The most comfortable material for summer has become one of the key trends on the catwalks this season. However, linen clothes are quite finicky in use. Many people forget this, thereby unwittingly shortening the life of their favorite outfits. We offer simple and useful instructions on how to take care of linen clothes so that they serve you as long as possible.

Linen is an ideal material for a summer wardrobe: natural, breathable, environmentally friendly. It even wrinkles so nobly. Despite the huge number of indisputable advantages, in order for linen things to really serve you for a long time, they must be properly looked after.

How to wash linen clothes?

Colored and white items should always be washed separately, although good quality linen does not fade or stain. Natural liquid soap is ideal for washing if you hand wash the fabric. Soft gel for automatic washing machines is another good option.

Please note: linen is in direct contact with the skin, this garment is worn in hot weather. Therefore, ideally, the detergent should be completely rinsed off with water during the wash process without leaving a powdery odor. Since linen is a natural material, it must not be washed with aggressive cleaning agents or chlorine. They can damage the fibers of the fabric and ruin the product.

The temperature regime for white clothes is up to 60 degrees, for colored clothes – 40 degrees.

The drum of the washing machine should not be loaded more than a half: linen needs “space” for water and detergent to pass through the fiber net without hindrance. It also helps avoid creases.

If it happens that a stain has formed on linen clothes, especially a stubborn one, it is better to treat it separately with a soft anti-stain compound and only then wash it. It is important not to use bleaching products for colored or white clothes, even those intended for delicate fabrics. First, the material can react completely unpredictably. Secondly, you are unlikely to get the desired result.

How to dry linen clothes?

It is recommended to dry linen clothes in a horizontal position in the open air, away from heating appliances and direct sunlight. Otherwise, the product may shrink.

How to iron linen?

Ironing linen clothes is not an easy task. To facilitate the process, it is better to do this while the item is still slightly damp, choosing a temperature no more than 200 degrees (with humidification).

If linen clothes have shrunk a little after washing, you can iron them through a thick fabric – this will help restore their original dimensions. There is one more secret: in order for linen to acquire its former shine, it is worth ironing clothes from the front side.

How to store linen clothes?

Store linen items horizontally, avoiding exposure to direct light to prevent fading.

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