5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

A relationship is certainly a tough job, and yet it is not slavery that takes 24 hours a day away from you or your partner. Sooner or later, a healthy union should still become autonomous. If you have been fighting for more than one year just to keep your relationship afloat, a hole has formed in your boat of love, which can no longer be fixed and relationship is over. You have at least 5 reasons for this.

You deprive yourself (of everything)

Compromise is a great achievement of humanity. Of course, if you are willing to mutually sacrifice your own interests for your common good, this is only worthy of respect.

And yet, it is naive to think that compromise is a panacea for all problems. After all, there is a point in any relationship where concessions no longer benefit your union. We are talking, first of all, about those situations when you have to deprive yourself as a person and do what seems disgusting, unusual, and immoral to you. It turns out that this is no longer a compromise, but a silent and unquestioning obedience.

A love relationship should not become hell for one person. Again, periods of stress and difficulty are inevitable, but it’s always important to analyze whether the circumstances are breaking you from the inside. If you live in this mode from the very beginning of your romance, perhaps you should either seek professional help or simply admit that you are not a couple.

You don’t feel satisfied with the relationship

Relationships are impossible without mutual expectations. Entering into a love union, we always expect something: happiness, mutual success, prosperity, and comfort. But if you have not felt anything in your romance for a long time (except total dissatisfaction), this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

It is important to understand the following thing. In a healthy relationship, people can be angry with each other, but they should not experience fundamental resentment and discontent with everything that happens around them. Otherwise, it will look more like eternal bondage than a union of two loving hearts.

You can’t stand each other’s company

This is certainly a paradox: on social networks and in words, you are in perfect harmony, but as soon as you are alone – sheer embarrassment, conflicts, or even complete disgust come to the foreground. An invisible line seems to have been drawn between you, and to cross is means stepping into a minefield.

Surprisingly, many divorced couples often, recall their past relationships and tend to admit that there were much more joyful moments in their life together than unhappy ones. And in this case, what to do with those who a priori cannot be next to each other?

Your shared memories are illusory, and any effort to make them real leads to scandals and ruin. Whatever one may say, compatibility is important in a relationship, and if – millions of attempts later – you are still not there, this is a reason to seriously think about your future.

You have exhausted your mental strength

After another raid on psychologists and relationship coaches, your romance still continues to instill in you a feeling of total dissatisfaction and fatigue, and after so many attempts to improve the relationships, you feel unloved and unnecessary.

If you are familiar with this state, perhaps you should remember what kind of person you were before you entered this relationship. If earlier you were stronger, happier, and felt more desirable and seductive, then most likely this romance destroys you as a person (and as a woman as well).

It is simply unnatural to be unhappy and oppressed, and it certainly cannot be in a healthy and self-sufficient union of two adults.

You feel like a slave to the situation

Relationships always take some effort, it’s true. But more importantly, they require participation from both sides. Both partners should always “work”, accepting each other as they really are and being ready to spend long hours to overcome all the difficulties that arise in their romance.

Love is not slavery. No one should expect you to become a Cinderella that will single-handedly monitor every aspect of your union so that both of you can live in peace and harmony.

Never feel guilty if you can’t save the relationship anymore. If you are both suffocating, and your attempts to resolve the situation have not led to anything good, perhaps it is time to admit that you both have the right to happiness with someone else, in a situation where there is no place for disrespect, suffering and humiliation. Where people will accept each other completely and will be ready to work on their union together, as a team.

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