10 Tips on How to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

You have a small apartment, and you want to make it seem bigger and more spacious. It’s easy to do so with the help of small tricks for your home.


  1. Discard the bright and contrasting colors in favor of pastel colors. Keep in mind that cold tones extend the space better than warm ones.
  2. The room will look larger if all the walls, floor and ceiling will have a similar light color. To visually increase the height, it is recommended to paint the ceiling perimeter in the wall color.
  3. Pick the furniture and the curtains to match the finish colors. It is better to use light single curtains that should be translucent for the light to pass freely through them.
  4. Contrasting furniture will draw attention and “reduce” the space. Any large brightly colored objects visually divide the room into parts, which is undesirable in our case.
  5. Speaking of light, it is desirable to use hidden lights in addition to the natural light. Wall mirrors increase the size of the room.
  6. Choose light and compact furniture. A table with a glass top, open cabinets, and chairs made ​​of transparent plastic. This furniture will create a sense of open and free space.
  7. It is better to arrange furniture around the room to avoid unnecessary division. Or place it in the corners in order to free the space in the center of the room.
  8. Put the things that attract attention, such as big flower pots with tall flowers, in the far corner of the room. This will draw attention to this point and create a feeling of spaciousness.
  9. Do not clutter the room with unnecessary things that limit your space. The smaller things you have in the room, the more it will seem.
  10. Sometimes it is enough to remove or replace the interior door with a folding screen to make two small rooms unite into a single spacious room.
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