5 Reasons to Stop Eating Sweets

Why should you give up sweets as soon as possible? Because you will do a great favor to your health.


1. Excess weight

Of course, this should start any conversation about the consequences of pastries and cakes. Sweets are easily digestible sources of energy that we need to actively spend. To eliminate the effects of half a chocolate bar you need to skip with a rope for at least an hour.

2. Bacteria

Your favorite blackberry macaroons are an ideal site for a violent microbial party. It usually ends with caries and tooth enamel damage.

3. Pancreas

This organ is the chief lobbyist against cookies in your diet. And that’s all because we do not chew sweets, we swallow them carnivorously. As a result, sweets quickly get into our intestines, bypassing all the digestive organs. The final blow is usually taken by pancreas that is nearly ready to rebel.

Remember the magic rule: the longer the food lingers in your mouth, the better it is for digestion. By the way, do not forget about the risk of diabetes.

4. Fatigue

It just seems that a dozen chocolate squares are able to return you to an active life even when you are nearly comatose. In fact the opposite is true: sweets cause glucose swings, thereby causing hyperglycemia.

We are not intimidating, just reminding you of the consequences of this problem – terrible apathy, drowsiness.

5. Bad skin

Sugar destroys collagen – argument number one. Sugar can cause acne – number two.

In fact, “can” is not the right verb to use. Acne and pimples are almost always the result of high content of androgens. A disturbed carbohydrate metabolism is linked to high levels of androgens.

Conclusion: if you are predisposed to acne, chocolates only worsen the condition.

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