Do We Really Need a Bedroom in our Houses?

Most Western homes have at least one bedroom. We are used to having a place where we only sleep and maybe dress if there’s space for a closet. The rest of our lives is spent somewhere else. The living room, the bathroom, outside, and the workplace.

Everybody needs sleep. Some of us more than others, while some sleep just 6 hours because today’s life is so stressful you can’t afford to waste your precious time lying in bed.

7 to 9 hours of the recommended sleep duration a day is a third of your life. Of course, it’s important to spend it on a quality mattress, in the dark and in a well-ventilated room. But do you really need a whole room just for sleeping at night?

In the modern world, especially when it comes to big cities, people go minimal and declutter as much as possible. This trend is seen in our consumption behavior, in decorating homes and choosing experiences rather than material goods.

What about going minimal when it comes to the bedrooms? One could easily sleep in the living room or some other room which is also used for other purposes, such as a hobby room, for example. Why paying extra cash just for the ability to be unconscious for 7-9 hours every day?

Some say: “I love waking up seeing the park or the river or some other beautiful landscape and this is why I made the room with the best window view as my bedroom.” Alright, you’ll enjoy it every day. For how long? 3 minutes in the morning while standing up and that’s it. Because in the evening it’s normally dark when adults go to bed so there probably won’t be anything worth seeing outside before going to bed. It’s a pure waste of home space!

Let’s assume you have a hobby that needs some space. You enjoy drawing or write stories for children, for instance. Wouldn’t it be great to get inspired by that great view outside your bedroom window and create something wonderful?! Another exciting children’s book or an awesome painting? I’m sure it would be a much better use of the room with the best view!

There are great bed systems and transformers out there that turn to a workplace, for example, or can be used differently. At night you sleep there, during the day you work or sit on it. Why not? You can still have a quality mattress for your back’s health. Plus, one can save money and not buy an expensive bed and other bedroom staff.

According to USAToday, “one in four married couples sleep in separate beds“. The quality of the night’s rest is so important that more people decide to break the rule of sleeping together. They don’t want to wake each other up and listen to each other’s snore. Because if you’re sleep-deprived, your body suffers (higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and so on), your job does too (you can’t concentrate at work), and your relationship suffers as well. Sometimes a spouse is almost ready to kill their better half just to make them stop snoring!

It doesn’t mean they don’t have sex anymore. How many couples are out there sleeping in the same bed and not having a single intercourse in weeks or even months?

A room for sleep should be dark, quiet, and have a comfortable air temperature. Find a place in your home when you can have it and do other things and sleep there instead of wasting the space of a whole room for it.

Imagine each of the spouses having their own room where each sleeps at night and during the day at the weekend they are free to do just whatever they want there, like practicing the piano or writing poems without being disturbed. Or they could use the room where the bedroom would otherwise be for their hobbies!

So, when planning your new home or reorganizing your current one, think about not having a bedroom and finding a much better use for the room where it would be! And for the sleeping purpose – opt for transformer beds and sofas with tables.

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