Reasons to Go Makeup-Free More Often

Makeup is cool. And some bottles look so sexy you can’t resist and buy just another one. And you can change a lot in your appearance by wearing it. It could make your face flawless and literally glowing and even acne-free. But do women really need it?

Here are the most important reasons why you should stop wearing makeup and become proud of your bare face.

You’ll have more time

Applying mascara, then eyeshadows, then blending the shades, removing residues with a q-tip, applying day cream, then concealer, foundation, then blush and highlighter. Oh no, we forgot the brows! Let’s start again. And the lips…

OMG, so much time for nothing! If you’re not having a ball tonight, stop applying all that makeup and better read a book or do some exercises instead of wasting these 30 minutes for painting your own face.

Finding the right products is tough

Are you sure this or that lipstick shade will look good on you? Before finding the right shade you probably bought a few that don’t look good on you, right? This takes time and money.

You’ll have more free space at home

Fewer makeup bottles mean more storage space for other things at your home. Who doesn’t need it?!

You’ll save money

And what if you bought a Chanel foundation tube and it’s too dark for your skin? Say goodbye to those $50! If you go makeup-free more often you’ll definitely save some money because you will simply buy less.

You’ll get clearer pores

Some makeup products are toxic. Besides, even the most expensive makeup clogs your pores, especially if you apply foundation or powder (for example) on a regular basis and wear it all day long. Your pores get larger and could develop blemishes.

You’ll be seen without makeup someday

No matter how hard you try to make people think that that is your real face (with makeup on), one day they will catch you sooner or later with your bare face.

Men will still find you attractive

You’ll still be you without makeup. Your mind will stay the same, your body too. If for your partner your looks are more important than your personality (which is also still the same, by the way), maybe it’s time to look for a new partner?

You’ll become more confident

At first, you will feel weird. But as you go makeup-free more often, you and the people around you will get used to your REAL face, and this will make you more confident. You are beautiful without makeup. And you can be happy without it too.

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