Cooking Tips from a Pro: How to Use Salt The Best Way?

You don‘t need to attend a cooking school to cook delicious meals. Follow these simple tips of using salt in your kitchen we learned from the pros!

When blanching green vegetables

As you prepare broccoli, green beans, or other green vegetables for a dish for which you need them blanched, do it in salted water. Some salt will enhance flavor (which your children will appreciate), and retain chlorophyll so it won’t get dissolved in the water. Vegetables come out brighter and tastier.

Aim at balancing bitter and sour

Salt can take the edge of the bitter taste as we are eating bitter foods – so there are people who take their coffee with a modicum of salt or salt the rims of their glasses before downing certain cocktails.

When frying onions

As you are about to deposit onion pieces into the pan, add in some salt – if you are afraid the onion can burn, the salt will make it ooze moisture that will keep it from burning.

Play around with the taste of sweets

It doesn’t seem very logical at first approach, but the fact is salt enhances all-natural food flavors, sweet ones included. The right amount of salt, of course: if you overdo it, you will get a salty taste, but if you add just a little, sweetness will become more pronounced.

Make peeling hard-boiled eggs easier

Egg-peeling is not a prospect that evokes much enthusiasm, so some people advise to salt the water because it will allegedly make it easier to peel them afterward. You can as well give it a try, although there is no scientific proof that salt makes the shell come off more quickly.

Don’t put off salting

Actually, it matters a lot when you salt. The best time to do it is at the beginning and halfway the cooking process. Those who add salt nearer the end are apt to come out with plain salty taste. But if you have added salt earlier, it will make the taste of the dish brighter and more pungent (and more appreciated by eaters).

Dairy products made tastier with salt

If your yoghurt has a mild or bland taste, the addition of a modicum of salt will also make its taste stronger.

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