Fashion Tricks for Women Who Don’t Have a Perfect Waist

Of course, we support loving ourselves with all our shortcomings (who does not have them?), but if you still want to mask the problem area using fashionable tricks, we are going to tell you how to do it.

Don’t wanna look like this guy below? Learn what to wear to hide your belly:

Dresses are best friends

Dresses of a trapezoidal silhouette perfectly help to look feminine and slim, while hiding the protruding belly: they slightly tighten the chest and then expand along the entire length.

Other successful solutions are A-line dresses, wraparound or straight dresses (in the style of the twenties).

Loose fit

Give up tight things in favor of a simple texture. But do not buy clothes several sizes larger – this will only make your figure bulkier. Clothing should be your size, just with a loose fit.

Clothing items with vertical stripes

Pay attention to such wardrobe items. Narrow vertical stripes are a simple technique that helps to play with the silhouette and visually hide excess volume in the waist area. This is pure illusion of deception!


For visual correction of the waist zone, use fashionable layering, wear elongated jackets and cardigans over basic garments, and do not fasten them.

In case of stripes, vertical lines running along the body visually stretch the figure and conceal the stomach. These details of the wardrobe will perfectly fit into any style – from business to every day.

Pants and jeans with a high waistline

Straight or slightly narrowed trousers or high-rise jeans can help to hide a small belly. They eliminate the treacherously protruding sides, tighten extra volumes and make the line from the waist to the hips smooth.

If possible, don’t put on a belt – it draws attention to the abdomen, so you run the risk of wasting every effort.

Right colors

Look at the unconventional colors and shades: blue, burgundy, emerald, violet, and brown. Of course, there is a win-win situation with the black color, which will add an image of elegance and sophistication.

High-rise skirts

Skirts of various styles can be of perfect help in disguising a problem area. The main secret is a high fit, which allows you to visually hide the rounded areas.

To correct plump areas, a romantic sun skirt, concealing the volume of the abdomen and hips, a pencil skirt and a tulip skirt, which visually reduce the waist and give the figure smooth curves, are suitable.

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