Most Common Traveler’s Mistakes to Avoid

It is unlikely that a person will give up the opportunity to travel as often as possible. For instance, you can not only arrange a trip to the seaside 1-2 times a year but also spend weekends in other countries. In pursuit of their dreams, some people begin to treat the planning of travel expenses as absurdity and not only pay several times more, but also waste their time, energy, and nerves. We have mentioned several items, which should not be saved on if you do not want your vacation to be spoiled.

Searching for cheap flights

On the one hand, cheap tickets are an opportunity to travel more often and not save for the treasured trip in advance. But on the other hand, attractive prices are usually offered by low-cost airlines, which have to save on almost everything: from the airports themselves to food or rather its absence.

Be prepared for an offer to pay extra money for registration, for choosing a seat, for a bag (if it doesn’t fit in the dimensions of hand luggage or there will be a few bags), for drinks and other products on board. If you add up all these expenses, you will see that the price of the flight has increased several times and for this amount, you could buy a standard ticket with a standard set of services.

Avoiding extra baggage

If you save on airfare, be prepared for the fact that cheap options may not be beneficial and provide the opportunity to carry on board the aircraft only hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg. You can travel with a backpack. But if you suddenly decide to buy souvenirs for friends and family or your favorite boutique arranges a grand sale and you do not want to miss this event, you will have to pay a tidy sum for each additional bag or suitcase.

In addition, some low-cost airlines do not allow carrying free packages from Duty Free, despite the fact that prices in airport stores are often higher than in urban retail outlets, there can be no question of any savings at all. If you add up all these expenses, it turns out that a “cheap” ticket is suitable only for those who are accustomed to traveling light and are not exactly tempted to bring home local delicacies, clothes or souvenirs.

Discarding health insurance

Some travelers argue that nothing is going to happen to them in a couple of days! They deliberately discard travel insurance. It may indeed happen that your vacation will be relaxed, and you will not need a doctor. But what should you do, if there occurs an abnormal situation and your health is in danger? Alas, if you suddenly get sick or injured on vacation, you will have to contact local medical facilities and pay the full cost of treatment from your own pocket.

Let’s say right away that prices are usually very high there. Therefore, you should not ignore the services of the insurance company when planning a trip because if something happens, the insurance can cover all the costs of treatment, and you will be found a suitable doctor and a good medical facility.

Traveling by car

You might think you will have the cheapest and the brightest trip around Europe. Of course, you are not an expert in saving money. Even if you consider the idea of saving money on hotels (some feel quite comfortable in a car), you should not forget about high prices for gasoline in European countries, expensive car insurance, toll roads, parking lots, and other expenses, such as the fine for incorrect parking, entry to the historic center and so on.

Of course, it all depends on the country, the number of passengers and the type of car. However, in any case, it is worth being prepared for the fact that traveling by car is not so cheap and is only suitable if you are ready for additional expenses and feel confident at the steering wheel.

Choosing a cheap hotel

Of course, this does not mean that you only need to look at expensive hotels, but many people manage to choose really bad options, trying to save money. As a result, they have to solve the problem on the spot, change the hotel or pay for a different, more comfortable room. In addition, some naively believe that since breakfast is already included, you can safely forget about this item of expenditure, but this is not always true.

Most cheap hotels consider this service as a mere formality and offer tourists something like an indigestible or thrifty food from the nearest supermarket as a morning meal. In the end, the breakfast is very doubtful and you have to look for places where you can have a cheap and tasty snack.

Therefore, before choosing a hotel, read the reviews of those who have already been there, look at the photos, study the location, and inquire for more information. Upon arrival, you will not be surprised that there is no air conditioning in the room, its windows overlook the neighboring restaurant, there is mold in the bathroom, and bed linen hasn’t been washed for the recent 5 years.

Unfavorable location of the hotel

Another mistake that many travelers make is the choice of a hotel located far from the historical center, in a non-tourist place. Eventually, after a long walk through the city and exploring the sights, you have to travel by public transport for half an hour, and then walk about five kilometers to finally be in your room.

During the first days, perhaps, it will amuse you – new sensations and the opportunity to feel the life of local people. But then you end up tired of this endless road and wasted time. Thus, you will tell your friends not about what you saw in the city, but about how you suffered from endless waiting for your transport and traveling in a crowded bus at rush hours. By the way, do not forget that transportation costs a lot in some countries, so if you add up all the expenses, you could find something decent for this price closer to tourist routes.

Not knowing the local prices

There is another item on budget planning that some tourists forget about – on-site expenses. For example, you were lucky to find a cheap air ticket to Copenhagen, Switzerland or Monaco, but upon arrival you suddenly found that a night in the most budget place would cost you at least $150, dinner at an inexpensive restaurant would be about $120, and going to the grocery store to buy the main products would cost not less than $80. Before yielding to the temptation to get “tickets at competitive prices,” first look at the information on living expenses in one country or another, and only then make the decision. Perhaps a more optimal way would be to choose a trip to a cheaper neighboring country (for example, you can stay in Italy and go to Switzerland, France or Portugal for an excursion).

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