5 Most Important Traits to Cultivate in Yourself

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how this or that person can be so communicative, witty or confident? There are personality traits that cannot be disliked, and their energy is able to overshadow the disadvantages. Where do these attractive features come from, and what should you do if you haven’t got the inborn natural charm?

Many people think you either have or do not have certain personality traits. But, in fact, we are talking about how vividly your inborn features are expressed, and how they evolved throughout your life. Simply put, certain people are naturally good at certain things, some need more effort, but there isn’t a positive personality trait that you could not develop. Here are the skills that you should build for a successful life.

1. Ability to communicate

We do not want to sound like your granny, but in the age of technology, live conversation turns into a disappearing skill. Few of us can say that they are not afraid to strike a conversation with a stranger without feeling uncomfortable. Eloquent people attract attention, and they have more chances for success in a world where acquaintances and connections really matter.

Fortunately, this is not an innate feature, and the ability to communicate can be developed like any other skill. Psychologists recommend thinking of a conversation as a game of tennis. When the ball hits your side, you need to hit it back, otherwise, the game will end. Continue to ask questions to support the dialogue and try to avoid the mistakes in communication we have told you about.

2. Self-confidence

Confident and sincere people always seem more interesting, even if it is not quite so. In fact, it is easier for our brain to get in touch with a confident person. Such people’s behavior is expressive – it says who they are, and we do not need to spend energy on solving the riddle of personality. It is difficult to find true self-confidence, but this quality can be developed, and we can also give you some practical advice. The quickest way to build confidence is to try to behave decisively, even if you do not feel that way. People often think that you need to feel confident first, and then you will be able to act confidently. In fact, feelings often follow the actions and not vice versa. Try to do something courageous, and gradually determination and self-confidence will follow.

3. Sense of humor

It’s such a complicated thing that it seems like a talent, not a skill, but you can develop a sense of humor, without any doubt. The nature of humor is based on social experience. Without experience and a complex understanding of human nature, it’s hard to be really funny. Given that people are not born with experience, one can draw a simple conclusion that a sense of humor can be developed.

The most successful comedians have failed and tried again many times before finding their own style. This principle applies to those for whom humor is not a profession. The ability to ease tension by a proper joke can prevent a disaster, so it definitely will not hurt you.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or the ability to empathize and understand the feelings of others,  is becoming particularly relevant. In fact, this is one of the few things that only a human can master, which means that you should not be afraid of competition with robots. Of course, this is not a universal skill that will replace all other professional knowledge. However, for a modern professional, emotional intelligence is a strong bonus.

Experts advise teaching recognition and correct interpretation of emotions from early childhood. However, if this has not happened to you, it is not too late to start developing empathy now. Such work requires effort and time, but the result is worth it – people with developed emotional intelligence have greater psychological flexibility and are able to cope with stress better. Psychologists have developed different techniques and exercises for recognizing emotions that you can perform independently.

5. Positive thinking

There are so many motivational books, courses, and training about the development of positive thinking that we are almost tired of the eternal need to smile and look for the good in everything. Some people are pessimistic or optimistic in nature, but you can always change your attitude to life. There are scientists who challenge the need for a positive view of things, stating that this interferes with a realistic perception of the world.

We believe that everything is good in moderation, and the ability not to focus on the problem, but to look for the solution, will not hurt anyone. Each of us has their own idea of what makes an individual attractive. The good news is that, no matter what you are, you can always grow and develop.

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