What to Do If Clothes Changed Color After Washing?

Do you think your clothes are hopelessly spoilt if they changed their color after washing? Do not rush to throw away anything. Try proven ways.


Method 1

Almost any faded thing can be saved, if you briefly soak it in hot water with ammonia (2 bottles per 5 liters of water). Yes, the smell, of course, would be bad, but faded paint disappears and clothes will be like new.

Method 2

Mix some stain remover, bleach and detergent in hot water. Soak the clothes in it and leave for the night. After that, wash the clothes with a detergent in the washing machine and get a good result.

Method 3

This is an extreme way. Pour a little toilet cleaner onto the stain. Domestos is perfect. Then quickly wash the thing (previously putting on gloves because the product bites the skin). The clothes will get clean in the blink of an eye, and their original color will not suffer.

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