Botox Helps Young Finnish Men to Look More Masculine

More and more young men in Finland are turning to cosmetologists with a request to “freeze” their facial muscles. They believe that real men do not have to show their emotions, and regard it as a sign of weakness.


According to Finnish media, injections freezing facial muscles are most popular among men under 30. They visit cosmetologists to look more masculine, but as a result, their face becomes a mask.

According to the professor of gender studies at the University of Tampere, Taina Kinnunen, the fashion for a complete lack of facial expression is rapidly spreading in the world.

The expert says that something has changed: we have become panicky about aging, and the flaws in our appearance drive us mad. She noticed that sometimes the desire to have a frozen face brings the Finns to cosmetologists and surgeons.

The expert adds that she has often heard such stories from doctors. The client is a king for them, but the effects of such plastic surgery are almost impossible to eliminate.

A fact:
According to statistics, the number of Finns who have turned to plastic surgeons and beauticians before reaching the age of 30 has increased by 50% over the past decade.

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