7 Mistakes We Make in the Kitchen

Yes, each of us makes at least one of these mistakes in the kitchen. It is time to correct them, and life will be much easier. At least when cooking.


1. A small hardboard

Who invented small hardboards? Who taught women to be squeezed on them at the expense of health? Who said it is easy to cook on them?

It’s a murky secret. Still, small 20-centimeter hardboards are the most frequent guests in our kitchens. Take them and place under the flowerpots. Instead, buy two, but very large ones. Now everything is fine.

2. A Bad knife

Of course, it is expensive but necessary. A knife is bought once and forever, so you should spare no expense for a tool that will not spoil vegetables or shred fingers.

You need:

  • a large chef’s knife,
  • a small vegetable knife,
  • a long flat fish knife,
  • a bread knife.

3. Too little water in the pasta

Do not save the water in which pasta is boiled. Why saving it, I wonder? A standard 0/5 kg pack of spaghetti requires 5-7 liters of water – then you will get a normal dish, not a porridge-like one.

4. Over-kneaded dough

Dough does not need long kneading, otherwise it becomes rubbery. The dough containing butter is particularly sensitive to kneading – so knead it gently and quickly – so that the pieces of butter remain in the structure of the dough. Then you must get tender crisp buns and rolls with a delicious crust.

5. Cold oil

Cold oil makes products tasteless and the pan – dirty. So pour it on the hot pan and wait a few minutes until red-hot.

6. Early-added garlic

Garlic added ahead of time turns into non-garlic. No form, no taste, no smell. Put it before removing the pot or pan from the stove – and cut into slices, not tiny crumbles.

7. Meat turned too often

The more often you turn a chunk of meat or a cutlet on the pan, the drier and harder it will become. And your fuss around the pan will turn into a culinary sabotage. A steak, a chop, or a cutlet should be turned only once – then it will turn out really tasty.

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