5 Items You Shouldn’t Wash in the Washing Machine

Throwing every item in the washing machine can seem like a great way to save time and effort. However, some clothes can be ruined forever if they are loaded into the machine just once. Today you will find out which things are better to wash by hand or give to professional services and not to wash in the washing machine.


Bones can damage the tub of your washing machine, and fasteners can tear other things. In addition, if the fasteners get stuck in the walls of the washing machine tub, the bra can stretch. So, this delicate underwear item is best washed by hand.


Most ties are made from delicate fabrics and a quick wash in the machine may lead them to losing their shape or staining other clothes. It is better to wash ties by hand or take them to the dry cleaners.

Things with sequins, buttons and zippers

Zippers and buttons can get stuck in the machine or damage other clothes during washing. If you do load items with zippers, it is recommended that you zip up before loading. Buttons, on the contrary, should be unbuttoned so that they do not come off.

As for clothes with decorative elements, be it sequins, beads or stones, it is categorically not recommended to wash them in a washing machine. The fact is that jewelry can come off, get stuck in the mechanism or damage other things.

Children’s socks (and other small wardrobe items)

Children’s clothes, and even more so its smallest elements, are also not recommended to be washed in a machine. Small items may fall into the drain holes of the drum, which may impair the performance of the washing machine. If you do not have time to wash by hand, you can put baby clothes in special mesh bags, and only then load them into the machine.

Silk products

Most silk items require dry cleaning (or at least gentle hand washing), as high temperatures and washing cycles can damage the delicate fabric.

Silk clothes can simply tear or lose their shape. If you are going to wash them by hand, buy a special cleaner that is made specifically for silk.

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