35 Facts about Foxes as Pets

Did you know that you could make a fox your pet? We are sharing some facts about domestic foxes below.


  1. Foxes smell bad.
  2. If a domestic fox cub is properly trained at home, he will never bite.
  3. Foxes living in a family where they are cared for, played with and educated, get used to the owners and become domesticated quickly.
  4. Fox cubs are very gentle and playful creatures, just like dog puppies.
  5. Foxes love sweet foods, especially fruits.
  6. Fox behave like dogs and cats.
  7. Foxes are afraid of loneliness and cannot be long without a human, if they are already attached to him/her.
  8. Foxes love to jump.
  9. Foxes are very smart and quickly learn how to use their strength, dexterity and skil.
  10. Foxes are afraid of heights, just like dogs, and if you pick them up and raise, they cease to resist and become almost defenseless.
  11. Foxes easily learn to use a litter tray.
  12. Foxes do not need to be walked two times a day, like dogs.
  13. Foxes quickly get used to the collar.
  14. Foxes love fish.
  15. Pet foxes should be closed in a cage for the night: foxes are nocturnal animals, and if you do not want your pet to turn the room upside down while you are sleeping, you have to put it in a cage for the night to accustom it to the daily way of life.
  16. Foxes should be bathed at least once every six months.
  17. Foxes love to play in water.
  18. Foxes love sausages, but be careful – do not feed them with too many chemicals!
  19. Foxes, like dogs, enjoy chasing a stick and a ball.
  20. Foxes, like cats, love to hunt.
  21. Contrary to all the myths about foxes, they get along well with other animals, especially dogs.
  22. Foxes are almost omnivorous; however, specialized dog food can shorten the life of your pet, so you’d better feed them with homemade food.
  23. The best relationship is established with the fox cub that chooses you itself when you buy it (it will try to reach for you).
  24. Foxes should be brushed like dogs.
  25. Foxes wag their tails, showing joy.
  26. Foxes cry, just like little kids, when they feel sad, scared, hurt or lonely.
  27. If the owner does not pay attention to the fox, the cub lies down next to him/her, touching the human with its legs, biting slightly to remind of itself.
  28. Not all foxes can eat dairy products – lactose can upset their stomach.
  29. Foxes see themselves in the mirror, but not every animal realizes that it sees itself, and not another fox.
  30. Foxes cannot be given cakes or waffles – sweets can cause their fur fall out, and the chemicals added to sweets can cause vomiting. If you want to please your pet, give it sweet fruit or berries (or a little jam);
  31. Do not play aggressive games with foxes, like tug-of-war, do not make them angry. If you want your fox cub to be gentle and kind, play with it using a toy mouse or a ball.
  32. To tame the fox and get it used to touching, you need to start stroking it on the third day after your first meeting and feed it with something tasty at the same time. The fox should see the hand; otherwise, it will only be scared. Do not worry if it does not allow you to stroke it for a long time: foxes, like cats, are moody animals, and as long as they do not feel love for their master, they will not let the human touch them. Start stroking the tips of the ears, slowly and carefully, for the fox to get used to new experiences.
  33. Teach the fox to obey the command “Leave it!” from the beginning. If it is doing something wrong, shout “Leave it!”, so that you have no problems with training in the future.
  34. Do not walk the fox on a leash attached to the collar but use a breast band so that the animal will not break free and get lost.
  35. Other people’s dogs can rush at your fox cub like at a cat, so walk in the places where there are no dog lovers.
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