25 Alternative Ways of Using Nail Polish

If you are a girl, you will have a few bottles of nail polish at home. Even if the manicure is not included in the list of your best hobbies. If you are a guy, you are sure to find a girlfriend or a female relative with a similar nail polish collection. You will not believe it, but it is sometimes useful to borrow this miraculous remedy from a lady. After all, a regular nail polish can solve many problems of everyday life and be a great helper for handmade stuff.


Still, the better half of the mankind will find these ideas beautiful. An abundance of nail polishes allows everyone to dream. But men can also get something useful from this collection.

  • With the help of nail polish, you can:
  • Lock a loose button.
  • Seal a letter not worse than with an adhesive
  • Turn your usual pins into multi-colored ones and even get glittering pins
  • Paint the top of your keys with nail polishes of different colors not to confuse them and find the right one immediately
  • Update old shoes by repainting the sole with bright glossy nail polishes
  • Conceal a scratch on your car
  • Feel being a designer and (spoil) decorate the rim of your glasses
  • Recolor the boring white iPhone charger. Everything looks better with sequins, doesn’t it?
  • Make super cute miniature vases of empty nail polish bottles
  • If you cover the inner side of fake jewelry (the one that contacts the body) with a transparent nail polish, it will not get dark and stain the skin.
  • It is easy to thread a needle, if you prevent it from bending by smearing it with a transparent nail polish
  • Decorate a simple purse or clutch, and at the same time conceal shabby places and the traces of active wear
  • Make a collection of monsters from rocks
  • Personalize headphones. Your own ones and your friends’ headphones
  • Make colorful decorations
  • And yet more striking decorations of chains
  • And even bright invisible hairpins
  • Conceal rubbed spots on your shoes using the nail polish of a similar color
  • Turn plain wooden pegs into works of DIY-art
  • Make a simple, but unique case for the smartphone
  • Save bathroom accessories from rust
  • Secure loose screws. On glasses, for example
  • Make a cool re-design of your running shoes
  • “Fix” a run in the tights…
  • …. And even a small scratch on the skin or an insect bite
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