Fantastic Sunglasses by Jyo John Mulloor

Although we share one planet, each of us lives in his own world. The world that we see, feel and make comfortable for ourselves. Have you ever wanted to wonder what the surrounding reality looks like in someone else’s eyes? In the eyes of another person, or perhaps even an animal? A collection of glasses with “someone else’s eyes” will help you see everything in a different light.


Designer from Dubai Jyo John Mulloor has already become famous thanks to the projects that demonstrate unconventional thinking. His recognizable author’s “trick” is the combination of living and inanimate objects that resemble parts of the body. For example, motorcycle helmets, which look like a real bald human head or a collection of glasses with someone else’s eyes.

In his creative collection, John used round oversize rims that are topical in the current season. Instead of the usual polarized glass, these spectacles have got vivid prints with the eyes of various animals and even humans.

Thanks to John Mulloor glasses, one can look at the world through the eyes of rare animals and birds, such as the snow leopard, polar owls, iguanas, and crocodiles. Or try an unusual makeup and a strange shape of the eyes. How can you fail to remember this trick?!

Judging by the comments on the web, thousands of people are willing to buy an unusual accessory and use it to surprise the surrounding people. It is, however, unknown when the glasses with “strange eyes” will be available on sale and if they are going to be sold at all. John is a well-known hoaxer, who knows how to heat the public interest.