15 Renovation Don’ts

Renovation is not the most pleasant time in one’s life. In order to prevent it from becoming infinite and in order to make sure it brings only joy, try not to make mistakes described in this article.


1. Do not start renovation without having the final draft

Although everything can be changed, the wiring cannot be replaced after the renovation. Not all wires can be routed in the baseboards and cable ducts.

2. Do not spare sockets

It is much easier to leave places for sockets wherever they may come in handy and fix them there. A socket in a wall is always better than an extension.

3. Do not make major renovation in just one room

It is impossible to repair only one room, if you are planning to replace the doors or the type of flooring. This will result in damage to the surfaces in the adjacent room (the corridor) and different levels of walls and floors. Repairing damaged things can lead to repairing everything else.

4. Do not replace windows after the room has been trimmed

Windows should come first and be followed by the renovation itself. The amount of cement dust that you will get when replacing windows is huge. The problem of such dust is that it is almost impossible to remove. Besides, the dimensions of the window opening change, so you must use some putty to deal with cracks…

5. Do not mount the interior doors before finishing the renovation

Otherwise they will have to be replaced. A film and tape will not save them from fine dust, especially concrete dust. Moreover, dust can cause even more harm, if it penetrates under the film. It may even cause the need for replacement (this only applies to the door itself). In order to align the walls correctly, the doorframe should be placed immediately after the floors are ready.

6. Do not place tile after finishing renovation

The rule is simple: first, a bathroom and then everything else. When mixing glue, the whole apartment will be covered with fine dust, which needs a long time to be washed away. Everything that can be spoiled with such an abrasive will definitely get spoiled.

7. Do not do what you cannot do

It is a recommendation, but hiring professional workers will most often be cheaper. Mainly due to saving time and materials. Unfortunately, in order to properly assess the quantity and quality of the materials, much experience is needed. Prices, the brand, and the manufacturing country do not play any role.

8. Do not expect that the quality of your renovation will be the same as at your friends’

The point is not only that the workers may be lazy and will spoil something deliberately. Each room has its own set of drawbacks, and it is unknown whether a particular worker can see them and fix in time. Therefore it is always necessary to choose from several workers.

9. Do not write the final budget without specialists

Otherwise you will have to multiply the resulting sum by one and a half or even two. The most expensive materials, such as tiles, flooring, and wallpaper are only the tip of the iceberg. The exact value and amount of the necessary materials can often be found out only while working.

10. Do not believe only one person

It is always worth conducting a tender or interviewing several people involved in a particular job. This also applies to the choice of specialists for a variety of work and consultations. There are always nuances, which one can forget, fail to know, or just be silent about. This approach can save a decent amount of money.

11. Do not do serious work without guarantees

Laying pipes and power cables must be carried out with special guarantees. Cases of damage are very common.

12. Do not forget to monitor the renovation

There is no perfect master. Most renovation flaws, especially rough finishing, are hard to fix. Thus, continuous monitoring of the quality of surfaces is needed.

13. Do not set general tasks

All that must be done must be internalized accurately. Up to sizes and heights: where this or that thing will be standing; what technology and materials are needed; why four screws rather than three are required. Otherwise, something is bound be done carelessly and will cause frustration.

14. Do not renovate if you are pressed for time

For your renovation not to turn into hell, it is better to take a vacation. A month may not be enough, because first you need to select everything and then wait for the qualitative performance of all work. At any time, there can be a situation when the worker does not have enough materials or requires other specialists’ help. At this time, you’d better be somewhere nearby. It is almost impossible to predict when this happens.

15. Do not start the renovation with the possible lack of money

Renovation will never fit into the budget. If there is no saved money, the likelihood of a prolonged renovation is extremely high. It is not necessary to have much more than the estimated budget, but a small extra amount of money may be required at any time.

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