5 Most Common Crunches Mistakes

The most popular way to get the six pack is crunches. However, this exercise is not as simple as it may seem. If you do it wrong, the desired result will not come. In this article, we will look at the five most common mistakes that prevent you from getting a perfectly flat stomach.


Problem 1: you rise too high

Crunching does not mean lifting the body. When you go too high, you transfer the load from rectus abdominis on the hip flexors.

How to fix it

Focus on moving the ribs toward the navel. Lift the chest for just a few centimeters – this will be enough to strain the abdomen.

Problem 2: You are moving by inertia

You get less effect from crunches if you are in a hurry. Thus your movement is carried out due to the impulse rather than force, while the spine and the joints receive an excessive burden and may even be damaged.

How to fix it

Make sure that the movements are smooth. At the end of each crunch, keep your back on the floor. Slow down before you proceed with the next repetition.

Problem 3: You jerk the neck

You do not want hands to help you crunch, do you? Then you should not place a part of the load on the neck either.

How to fix it

Imagine that during the entire crunching exercise there is an apple clamped between the chin and chest. This will ensure the correct position of the neck. You can also cross your arms on the chest or place the fingers around the ears (the elbows should be pointing forward at the same time).

Problem 4: You are relaxing, when moving down

Many people are working vigorously on the way up and then relax on the way down. If you do the same, you do only a half of the exercise.

How to fix it

Strain your abdominal muscles while moving up and just keep this tension while moving down. Focus on how to lower the body slowly instead of dropping it.

Problem 5: You hold your breath

Depriving the body of oxygen, you do not get the desired result from crunches.

How to fix it

Exhale during the upward movement, and you will automatically inhale during the downward movement. Bonus: intense exhalation during crunches will involve deep abdominal muscles.

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