10 Unexpected Ways of Using Lip Balm

What are the must-haves of any women’s cosmetic bag? It is a question of the type “which came first: the chicken or the egg?”. There is no answer, as there are no redundant things in the sacred beauty treasury. Every object (even a hundredth pink lipstick) is a priceless must-have. Still, we’ll venture to offer our own version. Your cosmetic bag should always contain a lip balm. And we have at least 10 evidences why.


The balm will not only transform the heat- or cold-affected lips into a soft pink bud, but will also help solve many other cosmetic and even domestic problems. See for yourself.

Even a super-cheap lip balm can:

1. Save the skin from chapping

Going skiing, snowboarding or planning a long shopping spree when it’s frosty outside? Apply a layer of a protective balm not only on the lips, but also on the nose and cheeks. Then rub it in. It protects no worse than special creams. However, be careful with the composition: some components can clog your pores.

2. Adjust unruly eyebrows

Dreaming of trendy wide eyebrows a la naturel? Then, a special fixing wax is a must, because the hairs are of different length and are constantly escaping beyond the line. Well, you can do without the wax: just replace it with a lip balm. And tell boyfriend with a hipster mustache about this trick.

3. Conceal split hair ends

A little lip balm, distributed over the hair ends will serve as a sort of polish and will help to conceal split hair ends.

4. Replace the patch

You’ve cut yourself and do not have a patch with you? Wax and oils contained in the lip balm will form a thin film over the scratch and will help it cure quickly.

5. Remove a ring from a swollen finger

Apply a little lip balm on the skin, make a few movements back and forth – and you are free from the trap.

6. Cope with a jammed zipper

Apply the balm to the teeth and repeat the instruction from the previous paragraph.

7. Facilitate repairs

It turns out that you can use lip balm to “moisten”… screws! It will speed up the drilling process.

8. Remove a light bulb effortlessly

Light bulbs in communal hallways or in the street are affected by all kinds of natural phenomena. So in the end, the cap often rusts and practically “grows” to the socket. Before you screw it in, apply a thin layer of balm on the bulb socket. And even after many weeks you will be able to remove the bulb easily. It is, practically, a life hack for hooligans.

9. Fix a creaky door and make windows open easily

Just treat the loops with the balm. Not a panacea, but a temporary silence mode is guaranteed.

10. Finally, spruce up your lips and even increase their volume slightly

A special lip balm with “volume effect” applied immediately after a light scrub or dry toothbrush massage will turn you into a plump-lipped beauty. Well, only for a couple of hours, but it is better than injections and other harmful stuff.

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