22 Things That Seem to Be Cool Before You Try Them

Everyone has dreams. Someone, even as an adult, continues cherishing their dream and strives to make it real. But sometimes people experience deep disappointment, because the thing they dreamt of, is actually not so cool as it seems.


1. Roller coaster

Although it’s really cool, only think about one fact: 60 seconds of pleasure and 2 hours in a queue. Not everyone will endure it.

2. Becoming a pilot

Many people have a dream – to become a pilot or just to learn how to fly a plane. In fact, many pilots who operate on regional airlines do not earn so much as the pilots of major airlines.

3. Being a superstar

You must have noticed that superstars seem even more dissatisfied with their lives compared to ordinary people. Very few people understand that they have their own problems and difficulties. However, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

4. Playing the violin

It’s beautiful when you listen to masters playing the violin. However, to understand what it will be like for decades, one should settle next to a beginner violinist. And God forbid he would be your neighbor!

5. Sleeping on the top bunk of a bunk bed

A few years later you will start hating the stairs. And the one who sleeps on the lower bed.

6. Trying real Mexican tacos

Who does not love tacos? You will hardly find one. However, those who have not tried Mexican food should be aware of two small nuances: heartburn and visits to the WC the next day.

7. Trying a dog bone

Many dog breeders must have wondered why dogs love bones so much. However, do not try them… it is just not worth it.

8. The fight on top of a moving train

This is a film stereotype, which is not so cool in real life. Think about the laws of physics, and the fact that no one is going to appreciate it.

9. Hitting the lottery

Firstly, it is very unlikely. Secondly, your friends will find out. After that, you may lose some, unless you spend a substantial portion of the prize on them.

10. Military service

Commercials show it as 95% action and 5% grueling daily workouts. In fact, the opposite is true – 95% of the time you will regret you were born, and only 5% real action will happen.

11. Diet

Many dream of going on a diet to lose at least a few kilos. It only seems like a good idea until you try it. And then the thoughts of food and the rumbling stomach will torment you before bedtime.

12. Moving to exotic islands

Undoubtedly, life on an exotic island seems paradise on earth. Until you Google the problems associated with it.

13. Lawn mowing

When you sit and watch someone mowing the lawn, it seems a half-hour’s cakewalk. And when you start mowing it yourself, it starts looking like hellish toil, which never ends.

14. Life Saving

Surely, everyone dreamed of becoming a hero in the eyes of others. However, artificial respiration is not so simple. Be ready to break a few ribs.

15. Set your favorite song as an alarm-clock signal

At first, it will be easier to wake up. But be certain – it will take a short time for the melody to irritate you.

16. Become a croupier

Being a croupier is not so cool in real life like it is in the movies. Rather, it is drudgery.

17. Doing nothing

You always have to choose. Either you have a lot of time and no money, or vice versa – you have money, but no time.

18. Smoking

“It’s cool” – that’s perhaps why each smoker started smoking. The paradox is that the main reason why people are trying to quit is absolutely the same.

19. Stay up all night

There is an opinion that you need to stay up all night for your sleep schedule to get back to normal. At first glance, this seems logical. But, for some reason, it never works.

20. New Year’s celebration in a public place

In any major city of the world, you can see fireworks, craziness and chaos in the city center on New Year’s Eve. Interestingly, most people take part in this only once.

21. Braces

Many people dream of correcting their bite. But, however hard you try to decorate your braces, they look scary. Your teeth hurt after each procedure at the dentist’s, it is difficult to speak without lisping at first, not mentioning mucosal injuries and long teeth cleaning.

22. Seeing famous landmarks

It will be interesting only once. You will rather remember the people you met.