10 Steps to Becoming Outstanding

If you are tired of going with the flow and you lack some drive in your life – it is time to turn off the road of mediocrity and take the path of originality. It is not easy, but everyone can cope with it. The main thing is to wish to begin.


1. Find the mediocrity

Have you decided to part with mediocrity? Perfect. First of all, find it. See what areas of life you would like to change? Jot them down. This will come in handy soon.

2. Be ruthlessly honest to yourself

Once you choose the path of changes – abandon deception and sweet illusions. Give an honest answer – who are you? You can start with the social roles of a son, a father, a brother. Ready? Now let’s think about what can restrain or limit you – mortgages, loans or maybe a military service. Have you found the answer? Next, there comes a nice stage of your meditation – think about your achievements and benefits (everything matters, even an honorary diploma at a Kennel Club). Honest and detailed answers will show a clear picture of your life.

3. Dream safely

Let the future not scare you. Do not listen to the inner voice, if it keeps saying to you that you will never be a great musician, and your playing bongos is a waste of time (the inner voice likes to convince us that our desires are unattainable). Dream and write down all their incredible desires. During the following weeks you will make a hundred steps toward your dreams.

4. Look for some balance

There is no easy way to originality. Do not wait for it. But there will always be a contradiction between the realities of life (point 2) and crazy dreams (point 3).
Admit it and stick to the “golden mean” – do not plunge into problems, forgetting about yourself; do not turn into a selfish person, focusing on your personal desires.

5. Your goal is not the final point of travel

Trying to find a purpose in life is one of the most thankless jobs. If at the same time you think that there should be just one goal in life and you must find it in your youth; if you think this goal will give you the sense of life – you risk to get bogged down in mediocrity.

Forget that it is necessary to find your goal. It’s an endless process that will devastate you. Instead, live with a clear purpose. Do what you think is important, do something that you enjoy.

6. You need to start

It may sound trite, but each way really begins with the first step. Go back to the list, which you have made at the beginning and write a list of the first steps for each item. You do not need a global thing – make a small step. Start. Update your resume, wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, and lose at least half a kilo of your overweight. The first step is half the battle.

7. It is better to have a little than nothing at all

Keep these words in a visible place. Make a magnet with this inscription and attach it to the fridge. Place a sticker with these words on the mirror in the bathroom. If you do not have time to study 20 new French words – learn five of them. You do not have time to run five kilometers – run just one. A little is better than nothing.

8. Finish is always an uncertainty

Nobody knows where he/she will be tomorrow. Do not expect that you can predict the consequences of your actions and that every step will take you to where you have planned. Do not think about it. Just start. And do not stop.

9. Cut the road

The road to originality is complex and winding. But the possibility to reduce it by a couple of hundred steps is always available. The easiest way is to find the man in your environment, who has already walked the same road as you. Ask him to share advice. Do not forget to thank him!

10. Fame ≠ originality

Originality is not determined by fame, money, and a crowd of fans. Originality writes outstanding books even if they are not going to be read. It sings even if no one hears. Because it cannot act otherwise. The most important thing is to follow the way that you like. And try to do it skillfully.

If you live this way, noticeable attributes of success will be a perfect sauce to the main course dish – the joy. They will not be your missing ingredient. Try to understand this and begin your original life at this very moment.

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