10 Reasons for Loneliness


The feeling of loneliness is directly related to our emotional state. Eventually, what prevents a person from enjoying the best of his/her freedom, independence and enjoying happiness? But not everyone manages to cope with it. We often face nervousness, sadness and annoyance with the whole world. It is particularly true of the women who do not have the man they love. Before understanding how to get rid of loneliness, it is necessary to understand its causes.


1. Lack of confidence

Very often you cannot tell the reason for which you feel lonely. In this case, the reason is most likely to be inside you. If a girl feels insecure, she just cannot adequately present herself when meeting with a man. The feeling of inferiority may interfere with ​​revealing herself. Of course, it will be very funny and ridiculous, if you smile or make a joke, for heaven’s sake! Obviously, each person has objective and imagined disadvantages – for example, you no longer take care of yourself, and your figure loses its good shape. So, it is time to stop worrying about the past! Forgetting about them, you get the opportunity to meet a decent life partner and new friends.

2. Obsession with one idea

There are things that are worth discussing exclusively with women: clothes, shoes, beauty, baby diapers and unfaithful husbands. Of course, you can discuss with your friend or partner a new system of healthy eating that you liked – it is possible that you’ll find a kindred spirit in him. But everyday conversations on the same topic are able to “destroy” any sane man’s brain. They find it much more interesting to do or try something rather than spend hours discussing the finer nuances of all the fashion trends of the year. Of course, you should not tell them how much your new dress costs!

3. A narrow circle of friends

You do not go anywhere, and you do not want to do anything in order to communicate with the people around you. Of course, it is up to you to choose, but if you think only about yourself and your apartment, nothing good will come of it. Almost nobody wants to deal with a person who does not want anything. Would you invite a girl to a cafe for the tenth time after she has rejected nine other meetings? Probably not. How will you communicate, if you do not aspire to? Perhaps, it is natural shyness or laziness, but you can learn how to get rid of loneliness only after you overcome them.

4. Outlook

If you think all the people on the planet are evil, it is not surprising that they do not want to talk to you! No one is interested in a person who sees everything in dark colors and believes that a man is a wolf. The same applies to relationships with men: if you think that they all are bad, you are not ready to perceive the opposite opinion.

5. Excessive insistence

People often get scared when they see excessive insistence in communication. They think that this is a hidden trick, and the “initiator” is often seen in an unfavorable light. Especially men: for them, discussing the details of the future wedding and the names of potential children during the third date is something like death.

6. Narcissism

Not a single person will find it interesting to communicate with arrogant people. We like to feel our own importance, and if we do not, we feel sad. Do you think your partner will seek communication with someone who brings nothing but bitterness and disappointment? Of course, he will not. It is great that you are so beautiful and smart, but other people also want to feel their status. In a relationship between a man and a woman it is usually manifested in excessive expectations on the part of the partner: white limousines, expensive restaurants, vacations on the islands, and hundreds of bouquets of roses – very few people can afford this, but their personal features remain a mystery. Therefore, for your own sake, it is useful to find a balance between self-esteem and attitude toward the people around you.

7. A sharp tongue

Almost nobody likes sharp and poisonous jokes about themselves. Indeed, each person has certain flaws, and it is funny to mock at them, but why do it consistently? People start to hesitate, feel nervous, lose their self-control and do anything to hide from you. This line of conduct is especially disliked by men – they want to be winners in the women’s eyes, and you tend to destroy them with stupid remarks!

8. Overprotective

Inside every woman, there is a powerful force called a maternal instinct. But in some cases, especially when you do not have your children, you begin to distribute your care and attention to all the people around you, which looks very strange. For example, men want to see you as a passionate lover, an interesting interlocutor and a good friend. Most probably, they already have a good mother. Do not get on this slippery slope!

9. Lack of time

Do you spend a huge amount of effort to make a career? It is praiseworthy, but you have probably seen your colleagues leave work at six to meet with friends or family, while you come home after ten o’clock at night, dead with fatigue, there being not one but your cat waiting for you. Communicating with people is an important part of anyone’s life, and if you find it difficult to be spontaneous in this matter, use your business skills – plan meeting with your friends and searching for a gentleman.

10. Fear of pain

It is pain that makes us avoid the reasons that caused it in the past. This is quite a normal process, aimed at preserving life, but in the relationship with people it can create a lot of inconvenience. First of all, when you get rid of communication, you will not be aware of the sincere joy that it can give. Secondly, you should not necessarily get hurt again.