UGears Wooden Model Kits: Need A Surprise For Your Child?

Collecting jigsaw puzzles is an extremely rewarding pastime. It increases concentration, improves logical thinking, and develops fine motor skills. Besides, it is an interesting and relaxing hobby. Wooden model kits from UGears are even much more than just a jigsaw puzzle. This is why it’s a win-win gift for yourself, your children, and your friends.

When another birthday or Christmas comes, lots of people get stressed over and over again. What to give as a gift to your kids, relatives, friends, colleagues? Luckily, there are some ideas that can be a great gift for just anyone, such as UGears wooden models and kits. They are authentic, ecological, mechanical, and they look awesome. These are not just toys, but also puzzles and souvenirs in one. They have a mechanism inside that produces motion without any batteries, which actually seems to be almost impossible.

These beautiful wooden toys are great gifts for both boys and girls of all ages:

Let’s find out how the story behind these sophisticated toys!

The Company

UGears is a constructive manufacturer from Ukraine that creates exclusive 3d wooden model kits. It was launched in 2014, and now, it has become world-famous for its UGears mechanical models.

Exclusive Product

On the website, you can order UGears 3d puzzles for adults and children. All the items are thoroughly designed from genuine wood by a professional team. At first glance, they might look a bit difficult to build, but don’t think it’s too complicated! Each kit also includes the necessary details and instructions. You do not have to use any additional equipment to assembly it. Just your hands and wooden parts. The main feature of UGears is that all toys become mechanical after a proper assembly. So, they can move without any electronic devices inside.

Broad Assortment

Currently, the company offers more than 80 3d puzzles from the 6 series. You can filter them by collection, hardness, and time of assembly. The most popular UGears models are:

  • Safe
  • Hurdy-gurdy
  • Globus
  • Research vessel
  • Cash register
  • Heavy boy truck trailer
  • Treasure box

You can check other puzzles on their website

The newest kit on the website is UGears Automaton Cyclist. It consists of 189 details, and it is recommended for children 14 years and older. An approximate time of assembling is from 4 to 8 hours. Unfortunately, you cannot the buy UGears model in the USA yet. However, you can make a pre-order to get it first for $29,90.


The service offers free shipping within 3-7 business days to all American states. Rarely, the delivery may take up to 14 business days to some distant areas. If you need to receive your toy faster, you may order express 2-day delivery. It costs $5,99 for all states.

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