Marc Jacobs Ad Starring Dakota Fanning Banned for Being Too Racy

Whatever Dakota Fanning may think herself of her appearance on Marc Jacobs’s perfume ad, the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority believes she is too young to go for such risqué stuff.

Marc Jacobs Perfume ad

Marc Jacobs’s Oh Lola! advert depicts the 17-year-old Twilight actress sitting in a short dress holding the perfume bottle pressed to her crotch. By the ASA’s ruling issued Tuesday the placing of the bottle together with the length of the dress and Fanning’s general appearance go a long way towards sexualizing a minor and make the ad offensive. Therefore they concluded that the irresponsible ad should be banned.

Coty UK, perfume producers, beg to disagree – they say there have been no complaints related to the ad so far. As for the bottle position, it is “provoking,” but there’s no reason to regard it as indecent.

It’s the first time for Fanning to be involved in a decency dispute – will it be also the last one?

Source of the image: Mirror.

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