Luxurious L’Abeille de Guerlain Bacarrat Flacon

Guerlain and Baccarat have been working together again – this time to produce a flacon that would be worthy of Guerlain’s new fragrance. The scent, called L’Abeille de Guerlain (The Bee of Guerlain), refers to the bee as the long-time symbol of the company, ever since Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain made himself a name with perfumes created for Empress Eugénie of France (years of reigning 1853 – 1870). The bee is also known as the emblem of France’s Second Empire.

L'Abeille de Guerlain perfume

Therefore the luxurious flacon is crafted in the shape of a large bee with faceted wings that resemble beautiful diamonds.

The Bee perfume is a limited edition with only 47 flacons available, to be had by fastidious scent admirers for the price of $17,400.

Source of the image: Luxurylaunches.

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