Women Feel Pain More

It turns out that women feel pain more acutely than men. It has been discovered by the researchers from London and Japan under the supervision of Kuazim Aziz, Professor of Wingate Institute for neurogastroenterology.

Stomach pain

They were monitoring the brain activity and reaction of 16 men and 16 women who were in the state of expecting pain or were already experiencing it. The volunteers were told that a small ball would be put in their esophagus, and it would gradually increase in size. Before the procedure, the women were not afraid. All their efforts were focused on planning the actions which would help them prevent pain. But the men who were anticipating pain were completely entrapped by terror. The situation, however, changed during the experiment: the men began to think about how to prevent pain, and the women gave way to emotions and started to feel the pain more acutely.

Brain scans have given a chance to find out that women respond to pain more acutely than men. But the reaction of the stronger part of mankind is concentrated in the segments of their brain which are involved in preventing pain, and it enables them to cope with the discomfort easier.

Source of the image: Photl.