Fragrances from Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Unpopular

Surprisingly, none of Justin Bieber’s fans wants to use the fragrance created by their idol. If you think that Bieber himself is the reason, it is not so.


Other celebrity fragrances are also losing income. Another example is the new fragrances from Taylor Swift. This young singer is very popular, she has several music awards, the tickets for her concerts are always sold out, but the earnings on the fragrances keep falling. This was reported by Elizabeth Arden – the brand, which produces perfume from the above-mentioned celebs.

Quarterly sales reduced by 28.4%, and this is the biggest drop in a decade. According to The Guardian, the net loss of Elizabeth Arden Inc made up 155.9 million dollars. Forecasts for the next 6 months are as much disappointing. Elizabeth Arden Inc reported that the shares went down by 20%, and this is a very large drop in the premium cosmetics market.

Justin Bieber has only one men’s fragrance, other editions, such as Girlfriend, Someday, Next Girlfriend are for women. Taylor Swift released several women’s fragrances.

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