Fragrance Made of Urine by Cherry Tree


We have already seen the perfume with the smell of blood, but not with the smell of… urine! It had been unprecedented until the new fragrance appeared. And what is more, their producer hopes the fragrance will be popular and will cause excitement among the fans.

Urine Fragrance by Cherry Tree

The author of the idea is a bold conceptual artist Cherry Tree. The girl supports the so-called waste-free way of life and tries to recycle everything that surrounds her, thereby helping the planet’s ecology. And one day she thought that her own urine could be successfully used.

She admits she is very much into recycling. And urine is something she has thought needs to be recycled, since it is something that gets eliminated.

Cherry made her unique fragrance in 2006 for the first time. She recollects that it was the first morning after a full moon. And she decided to collect her urine in a perfume bottle.

The idea is that only the urine collected after the full moon is needed for the perfume.

The girl is fascinated by how the smell changes depending on what one eats… For instance, it smells really good after you eat a lot of honey, and it smells terrible after eating chicken.

Cherry Tree is by no means embarrassed by the idea of using her urine for the fragrance. She reminds everyone that there are certain types of musk, which are extracted from the deer’s genital gland.

It is unknown what the artist expected, when she was going to put her idea on sale. Because the first batch of such unusual fragrance appeared to be a miserable failure. But not because the fragrance had a bad smell. The girl says that the fragrance was a little bit chocolate because she had been drinking much coffee. The liquid was spoiled very quickly, and Cherry was forced to throw it away.

The bold artist still believes that her idea will be a long-living one. She is constantly experimenting in this direction. She even tried to process her urine twice to make the smell as creative as possible.

Tree dreams that someday her creations will go to the people. She would have to sell the fragrance in small quantities or make it for people out of their own urine. But she does not want to imagine the logistics of that.

Still, Tree’s main idea is to live without waste and use all waste products to the maximum.

Would you dare try such fragrance?

Source of the image: Butupdates.blogspot.