Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Women – Causes

The scientists from the University of Toronto (Canada) have come to a conclusion that physical violence experienced by women in childhood has a strong effect on the activity of their nervous system in future. In particular, the experts claim that it concerns such a mysterious functional somatic disorder, as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Tired woman

It is known to be manifested in the symptoms of increased fatigue and apathy and is a widespread problem among modern women. According to the researchers, the women who confessed cases of physical violence in the early years of their life, demonstrated a nearly two times greater risk of having such symptoms which is also associated with increased chemical sensitivity. In addition, these representatives of the fair sex are marked by an average of 65% higher chance of developing fibromyalgia. These findings were relevant, even after taking into account other negative factors.

During the experiment, the team of doctors led by Professor Joan Schulman was observing a total of 7,342 women, of whom 10% were victims of physical violence in childhood. The main feature of chronic fatigue syndrome is that its symptoms retain even after a long period of rest. As a result, the women become extremely emotional, are prone to dramatic swings of mood and are unable to fully carry out their daily physical activities.

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