Pregnant and Nude Alessandra Ambrosio Poses for a Jewelry Ad

Alessandra Ambrosio has become the face of Vivara jewelry. The Brazilian model advertises it naked. However, there is one “but”: Victoria’s Secret “angel” poses, being at the last stages of her pregnancy.

Still, she is confident that this is normal. According to the model, the naked photo shoot went well. Alessandra adds that pregnancy inspires confidence. She is proud of her body that can give a new life.

In addition, Alessandra said it had been a pleasure for her to allow her favorite photographers, duo Mert&Marcus, to capture one of the most intimate moments in her life. The shooting took place in Brazil, Ambrosio’s homeland.

Now the model, tired of the busy schedule of the past few weeks, is enjoying the quiet. Having entered the top five of the world’s highest-paid fashion models, the beauty is going to return to her occupation as soon as possible after the second child is born.

In a recent interview, Alessandra admitted that she had already signed some new contracts, and it had become the best incentive for her to keep fit during pregnancy. She really manages to do it!






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