Pink Hair Color Is Trendy

Just how long will pink hair stay in before it starts to fade away?

Lily Allen hair color

Following several years back’s craze for a fuchsia pink mane (endorsed by such brave luminaries as Kelly Osbourne and Lily Allen), pink hair is gaining full swing as a popular hue. These days it’s mostly the candy-floss variety that celebs go for. Katy Perry, Fearne Cotton and Ellie Goulding are known to have trusted their looks to the rose hair dye – yet doubts if it is worth the initial impact remain.

Kelly Osbourne trendy pink hair color

Apart from being immensely fashionable, pink carries certain qualities that do not readily agree with its prolonged reign over those who want to appear trendy.

Katy Perry pink hair color

First, whatever color your hair is originally, you come up with an unexpectedly different look having turned it to pink. Blondes take to it easier than others due to the fact that this color pigments cling to their hair a shade better, but this creditable bit doesn’t guarantee the overall effect. Second, you will find that it gets paler with every washing, so it’s up to you whether to suffer it or strive to keep it up. During the last few months this gradual lighting up could be observed on some of those who had risked bright hues on their heads. Amelia Lily of the X Factor, one of the latest examples, who sported a marshmallow-hued hair, has been losing some of the luster with each passing week.

Amelia Lily with pink hair color

Therefore, keep your eyes open for when the bright trend may turn to fade.

Fearne Cotton colored hair

Pink hair of Ellie Goulding

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