Pantone Reveals the Trendiest Fashion Colors for Spring 2022

Researchers from the Pantone Color Institute know all the main trends even before the start of Fashion Weeks. They told how the main colors for spring 2022 will look like. Traditionally, the future trends for the spring/summer 2022 season were divided into two parts: 10 trend shades and 5 basic ones, which are called Core Classics.

The fashion industry has split in two. Half of the designers work with soothing colors. Obviously, everyone wants to feel safe. The other half has a desire to be active again. This is where more energetic colors come in, says Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone CEO and color psychologist.

The emotions causing shades affect people even more than what is happening around them. It sounds strange, but it really is.

The TOP shades of the Pantone leaders include the following colors:

  • Spun Sugar, 12-4401,
  • Gossamer Pink, 13-1513,
  • Innuendo, 18-2042,
  • Skydiver, 19-4151,
  • Daffodil, 14-0850,
  • Glacier Lake, 16-4118,
  • Harbor Blue, 18-4728,
  • Coca Mocha, 18-1019,
  • Dahlia, 18-3324,
  • Poinciana, 18-1564.

Experts say these shades were inspired by the pandemic, especially the shades of blue: they were inspired by the idea of sadness and the surgical masks that people around the world are wearing for the second year in a row. The crimson shade is inspired by the Lil Nas X rapper’s Versace cowboy suit, while pink is the color of cotton candy, red is the color of poppy. Cocoa, snow and basil colors are also on the list.

It is these shades, according to Pantone experts, that designers from New York will stick to.

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