3 Trendiest Colors for Fall 2020 According to Pantone

Each season, the Pantone Color Institute presents the most fashionable colors that will be on the catwalks and in the wardrobes of fashionistas from around the world. The top ten “bright” shades (often very similar to each other) are complemented by four neutral ones. In addition to the main color of the year (blue), it has three others.

Almond oil

Pantone Color Institute CEO, Leatrice Eiseman, points out that the new season’s color palette increasingly emphasizes the desire for versatility. The shade of ivory, by the way, is not popular for the first time: remember Kim Kardashian’s total looks a couple of years ago.

The color cannot be called practical, but trends give us some freedom: for example, buying a trench coat in this shade made of eco-leather (it is much easier to clean than many fabrics).


The gray-blue color will universally fit into any wardrobe. Check out the most classic pieces in this shade, such as coats, suits and jeans.

Sleet will refresh and visually reduce age, so you can safely wear it around your face.

Military olive

A dark olive shade adds brutality to the palette. Designers do not suggest wearing camouflage, but they turn to the military theme: the shade looks especially harmonious in things with clear shapes: for example, pay attention to coats with straight and slightly exaggerated shoulders or shirts made of dense fabric.

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