Crazy Bags by Kathleen Dustin

If Russian doll handbag by Christian Louboutin raised your brow, these bags are going to blow your mind off. Kathleen Dustin, who is Master of Arts, designs and makes very weird handbags.

Kathleen Dustin Crazy Bags

Her collections feature fruit-shaped bags, flower bags, casket bags, brush bags, icon bags and collage bags with Renaissance paintings on them.

First, Kathleen put images of Renaissance women on her handbags. Later, we saw her use some themes from the Holy Scripture.

Kathleen Dustin Renaissance Woman Bag

Kathleen Dustin Renaissance Portrait Bag

Today Kathleen is inspired by plant patterns – seedpods, seeds, moss, herbs, leaves and petals.

Kathleen Dustin Weird Fruit Bag

Kathleen Dustin Plants Bags

Kathleen Dustin Apple Bag

Kathleen Dustin Crazy Fashion Bag

Kathleen Dustin Crazy Green Bag

Kathleen Dustin Crazy Stone Bag

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