Samsung SPH-W7100: Cell Phone with a Siren

Samsung has launched a new SPH-W7100 phone with an in-built 100dB alarm that can save its owner in an emergency situation.

Samsung SPH-W7100

As under pressures of economic troubles cell phone owners are becoming victims of street robbers more frequently, the innovation will be useful in any country. It is a clamshell style cell phone and is mostly targeted at children and girls who are not always able to handle attackers.

After a ring, disguised as an accessory, is pulled out, the in-built siren starts yelling. The feature is conceived to stupefy the enemy and attract other people’s attention. Moreover, a GPS-chipset is added to trace the current whereabouts of the phone’s owner and send the info over to a pre-programmed number. SPH-W7100 phones are now available under Anycall brand only in South Korea and come in two colors – pink and blue. The issue of exporting it has not yet been brought up.

Samsung Cell Phone with a Siren

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