Clothes That Make You Look Younger

Clothes, like makeup and hair, visually can add or take away a couple of years. If you really want to add freshness to your image, here’s how you can do this.

Below the knee skirts

Mini skirts can make an image vulgar, regardless of age (neatness is important here). Maxi skirts can add years in most cases. But a skirt slightly below the knee is a perfect option! We recommend a pencil skirt – it is universal for almost any constitution, it slims, emphasizes the waist, disguises the stomach and visually lengthens the legs. It is better to choose deep, saturated colors and suede or leather fabrics.


They were and remain beyond fashion and trends, and this is an absolute must-have for the basic wardrobe of a modern woman. The main rule is the absence of prints and bright inscriptions. Minimalism is held in high esteem today, and the simpler the T-shirt, the better it goes with other things. The paradox is that funny drawings and cheerful patterns make us older and speak of old-fashionedness, while laconicism is a sign that you are keeping up with the time.


Jeans are associated with youth style and help their wearer visually lose several years. The most rejuvenating colors are blue and cyan. Black is also good because it slims. Jeans with a high waist are in trend now – they emphasize the beauty and grace of the legs, hiding imperfections in the abdomen area. Straight jeans and “boyfriend’s” jeans slim in the hips and calves.

Oversized sweaters

An oversized sweater with elongated sleeves makes a feminine look gentle and cozy: in such a thing, you seem especially fragile and defenseless. A large sweater makes you look younger, and if it is in dark shades, even slimmer – at least one size.

Stiletto boats

In boat shoes with stiletto heels, the legs look slimmer and longer, the silhouette is visually stretched, and any outfit with these shoes looks much more impressive. But shoes should be chosen carefully – their toes should be moderately pointed since the shoes with a long pointed toe remained in the 2000s. However, it’s worth weighing whether the game is worth the candle: if you’re going to be on your feet all day long, you might want to find something more comfortable (or bring a pair of flat shoes with you).

Discreet decorations

Small, “laconic” jewelry is now in vogue: it emphasizes the sense of style and has a beneficial effect on the image. But massive, weighty jewelry will not play into your hands – it often looks old-fashioned and overloads the image.

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