Choosing Lingerie

Choosing LingerieWhen shopping for lingerie, make sure you try it on before buying it. Do not buy beautiful lingerie if it feels uncomfortable. It is preferable when an expert helps you choose the bra. Do not try to save money on the bra. Not only will it help your clothes look great on you, but also will reduce the tension on your back if you have a large bust. Here are some other useful rules for buying lingerie, which every woman should follow.

Rules for Buying Lingerie

The lingerie should not have steam room effect. The fabric of the bra should be hydroscopic, i.e. it should be air-permeable. Not only does the natural fabric have this quality but modern synthetic materials as well, such as microfibre, tactel, merril, and micromodal. Lingerie made with cotton and lycra comfortably fits the body, allows the skin to respire, and is well pervious. Microfibre is called “second skin” not for nothing. The fabric maintains optimal body temperature: in summer it is not too hot, while in winter – not too cold. Lingerie made with tactel is great for women who often loose weight and then gain some pounds back.

Experts say that only 70-85% of women wear correctly chosen bra size. Many women do not even know their own size.

Rules for Wearing the Bra

  • A bra should be worn for no longer than 12 hours in a row.
  • A bra should be worn every day, even when the bust is small, since naked breasts are highly prone to risk factors (nipple irritation, microorganisms which can cause various infectious diseases).
  • The breast should fit the bra cup.
  • The breasts should maintain their shape and be lifted up a bit.
  • Bra shoulder straps should not cut into the shoulders.
  • You should be able to put a finger under the lace of the cup easily.
  • The bra should not roam back and forward all the time.
The centre of the bra has to fit breastbone closely.

Choosing Bra for Women with Small Breast

If you have small breasts, try to avoid bras which have stitches across the nipples. If you have a large bust, than bras with bones are made for you. Choose bras with wide straps, which can reduce the shoulder pressure.

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