Ta-Ta Towel: The Breast Hammock

This may be the strangest fashion trend of 2020. The trend, which may be welcomed by ladies with large breasts – American Erin Robertson came up with special towels for her breasts. At first, she did it only for herself. It was a hot summer, and she was sweating a lot – sweat accumulated under her breasts and on her stomach.

“Too much was stacked against me. I tried everything: I put washcloths under my breasts, I tried baby powder, putting on a T-shirt and applying it under my breasts,” the creator of the model says.

But nothing helped (or looked too funny). Erin realized that she needed to take it seriously and asked her mother to teach her how to sew.

That is how Ta-Ta Towel appeared – special hammock towels for the breasts. You can order them from America: one towel costs $45 and is sold in several colors.

Most often, these towels are popular among the girls with large breasts. However, many felt that Ta-Ta Towel is not so convenient and looks ridiculous.

The creators suggest wearing the accessory not only at home, but also on the beach. Perhaps we will see Ta-Ta Towel instead of swimsuits this summer. Would you wear breast hammocks to the beach?

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