Celebrity Stylist Petra Flannery Shares Her Tips & Tricks


Today you will learn Petra Flannery’s simple fashion rules. She is responsible for the style of Emilia Clark, Angelina Jolie and many other celebrities. You will learn how to make the wardrobe more interesting.

Improve the classic style

When the stylist was asked to describe her style in three words, she said: “Classic but modern.” And this phrase is suitable not only for her everyday looks, but also for the stars’ outfits on the red carpet. Petra knows how to improve the classic style and make the outfit as relevant and eye-catching as possible.

If this is a famous little black dress, then with lowered shoulders. If this is an elegant tight-fitting dress, it should be with sequins. And if this is a formal pantsuit, it is better to combine it with a bustier rather than with a white shirt.

Look for inspiration on social networks

Petra is sure that almost everyone can create a stylish everyday look. She suggests looking for ideas and inspiration on social networks, and copying the outfits of stars from Instagram that you like.

There, she also sees opportunities for young designers who, thanks to social networks, can promote themselves:

“There used to be an option to dress a star for the red carpet, and then, the photo could be published somewhere. And now there are many events and reports on social networks, where your outfit on a star can be noticed.”

Mix styles

The stylist insists that you need to play with styles to get an interesting look:

you should combine feminine clothes with boyish things. For example, you can wear a floral blouse and boyfriend jeans. And at the same time, Petra recalls that one cannot forget about relevance: if this outfit is perfect for a music festival, it is not a very good choice for a formal office dress code.

Add colors

“People are often afraid of colors, but if you learn how to use them, they can help you a lot. Color can make you a completely different person and add happiness! Colors also can differentiate your eyes and hair.”

Most often, Petra works with popular shades. For example, she added pale pink, chocolate brown and various shades of blue to the latest stars’ outfits.

Choose a dress

If you do not know what to wear, the stylist advises you to choose a dress. But the one that fits you just perfectly (it is not easy to find such a dress):

“Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create an outfit, to understand whether the things match or not. Everything is much simpler, when we talk about a dress – one dress is often enough. It is important that it is you who shine, wearing this dress, and not vice versa, so choose what you like. Look for that one, which does justice to your figure and covers the imperfections.”