Fashion & Style Tips from Monica Bellucci

Time goes by, but 55-year-old Monica Bellucci is still one of the main sex-symbols of European cinematography. How does she do it? We can tell you about it using the example of the actress’s wardrobe.

Once Sophia Loren said: “At any age, you need to dress, as appropriate of age 60 or 70. This is the main principle of elegance.” Apparently, Monica Bellucci follows the same rule. The actress never allowed herself low-cut dresses, mini and see-through clothes – even when she was 25. Bellucci explains it because of her education: “I studied law, and it was bad taste to wear short dresses and skirts or to expose your body.”

Now Monica Bellucci is 55, but her tastes and habits of choosing the clothes have not changed at all. The classic style is always fashionable. We found nine favorite things of Monica’s wardrobe for those women, who want to look like the Italian actress:


It is appropriate always and everywhere. Monica knows how to make it feminine. By the way, she’s not the only one. Pantsuits in the men’s style seem to have become compulsory for many women. They are often combined with other items of the opposite sex:\


You can never have too much of a jacket. In ordinary life, Monica wears them with classic shirts.


Heels are an integral part of your wardrobe, even casual one. Monica always wears heels, very high heels. Her favorite tip is wearing high-heeled shoes with extra-long trousers. The shoes are not seen and the legs will look slimmer. By the way, the actress wears even high platform-sole slippers.

Base colors

The actress almost never wears bright colors: black and white prevail in her wardrobe. They match with all colors universally and it is easy to make a gentle image.

No minis

No minis and shorts – Monica did not wear them even when she was young. The actress prefers a low neck and slinky cut out. This season you can choose a Victorian low-necked blouse or a seductive sheath dress.

Maxi Dress

Overalls and tight-fitting maxi dresses are the sexiest clothes that can be imagined.


Monica’s main accessory is large black sunglasses.


Monica Bellucci loves jeans. The actress combines them with jackets and shirts, and her favorite cut is flare jeans with a high waist. See the gallery for more stars who love jeans:


Monica loves leather things. In her wardrobe, there is always a leather coat, which she wears both with trousers and skirts.

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