Beach Waves Without the Sea? Hair Curls Made with Socks

Girls on self-isolation keep inventing new beauty trends. This time there are curls made with socks. And they look surprisingly PERFECT!

The first reaction I had after reading about this new trend was: “Eww!”. But nobody would do it with dirty socks, of course! And if you see the results on the internet, you start believing it’s actually a great idea!

I Regret Having Short Hair – But Only a Bit

Today is the day I really regret having short hair (a bob). But only for a while. Because, unfortunately, I can’t make use of this new beauty trick and get those gorgeous waves. But look how simple this is and how stunning the result looks:

You just twist your hair around a long sock, tie a knot and pin – as a result you get very pretty overnight curls.

What Is the Sock Magic?

Certainly, there’s no magic in the socks. It’s like the good old trick to make braids with your wet hair and go to sleep. In the morning you get curls. But often they were too small and tight or looks like this:

The only thing socks do better is the curls you get are bigger, which makes them look modern and cool. Wanna try?

And as any idea, this one can be improved, namely by using something else for getting those curls – a bathrobe belt. I guess, it’s better for girls with really long and thick hair. Have a look at this tutorial of getting heatless waves overnight:

Use some hairspray after removing the belt (or the socks) to get a good hold for your beach waves for the whole day.

Important Thing to Think of

And here’s a trick: start pretty near to your hair roots, otherwise, you’ll get beautiful curls at the ends but your head will look small and flat compared to the volume you’ll get at your shoulders.

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