Shield Yourself From Diseases and Take Your Daily Essential Vitamins

This 2020, as we start the year, our world is currently facing the biggest challenge that we have so far since January. At least every country is fighting the COVID-19, an epidemic flu virus, and every government pays close monitoring to its constituents.

Everybody is after everyone’s safety and good health. This is the time that we realize how important our health is not only to ourselves but also for the rest of the people around us.

To overcome illnesses and diseases, it is not enough that we only rely on making our body fit, but also maintaining our health. We should not only do this now but all the time, whenever we can.

We might come unprepared with diseases, yet we must know that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves clean and healthy. From that, we cannot transmit the virus to other people. We are safe. Everyone is safe, and nothing to worry about.

Recently in the news, for the past few weeks, the government would always remind the entire community to observe social distancing by not going to crowded places. Everyone is expected to stay at home. One must observe proper hygiene by washing his or her hands. Also, everybody is required to wear a mask wherever he or she goes. All these are preventive ways to eliminate the transmittance of the flu virus.

Whatever preventive measures we have outside our body, it has equal importance on how we take good care of our health. So how do we do it? We also have to take consideration of the foods that we eat.

As much as possible we should only prioritize eating nutritious foods to combat diseases. We should be more careful and mindful of eating foods that will strengthen our body’s immune system.

Other than eating nutritious foods, we can take care of our bodies more when we take supplement. Our bodies need vitamins to ensure that we are well supplied with the nutrients we need. We do not only get our vitamins from foods alone, but also from food supplements that we consume. With this, we gain confidence. In addition to that, we show our care to ourselves and the people around us.

What are food supplements?

Food supplements give us nutrients that our bodies need. This gives the vitamins and minerals that we might not get from our foods. Our body needs a small number of vitamins to help us function well in our daily tasks. Every age group needs more of a certain amount of vitamins.

What vitamins do I need to protect my body?

Some known vitamins are Vitamin A for good eyesight, Vitamin B for nerve function, Vitamin D for strong bones, Vitamin E for health protection, and many more. You can get a list of vitamins in this link. These vitamins are better taken with nutritious foods to maximize their benefits and to keep us healthier.

If prescribed by your doctors, yoau can take Vitamin C to boost your immunity against diseases. You can have yourself checked also so that you will also know what other vitamins your body needs.

The food supplements can also nurture your skin, nails, and even your hair. You can take vitamin E for healthy skin. For your nails, you can take Biotin to cure nail brittleness. When it comes to your hair, to get and achieve a strong, full hair without losing its glow, you can trust products like Keranique vitamins. These vitamins will surely make you feel a lot better than before and will never leave you dull and tired.

There are so many things that might make you feel worried and anxious, but these days having food supplements around us are pretty good indeed. It does help you be on track and it keeps you from getting sick. The more you get to know the use of vitamins in our body, the more you will appreciate it.

Talking about vitamins, I also have my fair share story about it during my first day at work. After working for 8 hours, I felt tired already, and when I returned home, I was so sleepy that I did not manage to eat my dinner at all.

The next day, was a dragging moment that I felt like I was literally dragging myself out of bed and going to work. I lose my energy already, and I cannot keep up with all of my tasks. I was very sleepy and feeling light-headed at that time.

From that experience, I found myself so exhausted; yet my mind is telling me “I can do it. I have so much work to do today.” But this seems so ironic, that I cannot function very well. Even just a simple move of stepping my foot on the ground and getting myself a cup of coffee is a heavy thing to do.

I am sure someone in us has already felt the same thing, and it disabled you to become productive in work.

My superior at work has an answer for this one. She observed that I am getting sick already during the first week of our work, and that was the time that she talked to me. After asking me the reason why I sometimes get absent from work, she suggested that I take vitamin C. You can check out other benefits here.

It was then I realized that I am missing my responsibility regarding my health, that it is not enough to think “I am okay” when my health is put at stake. Since then I always take vitamin C before going to work, and it really made a difference.

Whatever we may be doing in our lives right now, let us always remember how our health would affect our community. It could be the biggest contribution that we can do so far, and people will become more positive in life. We are not doing this only for ourselves, but also for other people and the entire nation.

Again, this is the time that we have to take good care of our health because without it, we are in great danger. And why should we wait for that thing to happen, when we can do something now to prevent it?

Author Bio

Nicholas Sanchez, is a personal trainer who enjoys watching sport, drone photography, and traveling. He is still working on his first novel. He lives in Wisconsin together with his wife and 3 kids.

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