Laptop – a Threat to Family Relationships?

Man Using Laptop on VacationsMore and more often married couples take laptops with them when going for a vacation. British psychologists sound the alarm saying that this can lead to family break-ups. Studies have shown that over 40% of busy people can afford to “disconnect” themselves completely from the outer world for the vacation period by committing themselves to the relaxation time on the sea or ocean beach. Wi-fi spots are designed for those who can not afford internet-free vacation.

A professor from Lancaster University affirms that staff should not act like that. Job has to remain being a job, while vacation – a vacation. He focuses on the fact that spending time in front of the computer screen on vacation can lead to family conflicts, since the spouse would naturally hope to forget about work at least during the vacation.

The scientist believes that the company management has to insist that the employees go for their vacation without computers. This is the only way they can rest adequately and communicate with the family.

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