Becoming a Fashion Deviant: Why Break Fashion Rules?

Being a deviant is something absolutely negative. However, being a bad girl to a certain extent could do good from time to time. But in a new way. Become a fashion deviant!

You certainly remember some so-called fashion faux pas you used to hear 10 or 15 years ago, such as don’t mix gold and silver jewelry, don’t wear sneakers with blazers and so on. And tucking jeans into boots was a complete NO-GO! The good news is, you can forget all those style laws and wear most things just how you wish to.

Let’s have a look at the rules we used to follow and forget them forever!

Tucking Jeans Into Boots

This style rule is absolutely old-fashioned. You won’t automatically look like a horse rider if you tuck pants into boots. Although, I must say, sometimes they look really hot too:

Just choose skinny jeans – and you can even wear them with over-knee-boots. But, please, don’t combine them with culottes. They look ugly anyway. Pumps, boots, sneakers – no matter the footwear, culottes remail ugly.
Long story short, even Insta-influencers wear pants with high boots nowadays. Why shouldn’t you?

Underwear Peeking out of Your Clothes

We used to find super low-waist-jeans cool, especially if a g-string peeks out. Thank God, we don’t wear such vulgarity anymore! This is still a big no-go, girls! Nevertheless, revealing a bit of your bra strap on your shoulder won’t make you a criminal.

Modern fashion bloggers have gone further. Now they combine a dark bralette with white tops on purpose to reveal a little bit (this is important, not a lot!) of the bralette.

The most important thing to consider here is if this look fits the place and time. You won’t wear this to the office or theatre, right? But you’ll be the hottest one at a party night with your girlfriends.

Your Skirt Should Be Shorter Than Your Coat

Bullsh*t! Contemporary stylists combine mid-long coats with long skirts and it looks good. If the length of your coat is perfect for your height and constitution, this look won’t make your legs look too short.

Ideally, you want a pencil skirt, not a very fluffy one. Otherwise, you still risk looking like a gipsy girl. But as we see from the pics above, even fluffy skirts look stylish with a long coat.

Don’t Combine More Than 3 Colors in a Single Look

Who said that? OK, monochrome looks are, of course, a great trend that makes your life easier because you don’t need to puzzle over color combinations. But even with this fashion rule, you could become quite a bit deviant!

If you don’t want your outfit to look too colorful, choose 2 basic colors, such as white, grey and black and play with them a bit by adding further colors.

Another great idea is color blocking. In this case, you choose a few plain items, each in just one color.

The Final Word

As long as you don’t follow the haute couture fashion, feel free to combine various items of different styles, if you feel like. The most important thing is, you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.

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