Cropped Jeans and Sockless: Still Trendy?

Not so long ago, everyone wore cropped trousers without socks, exposing the ankle. Stop doing this! Firstly, it is no longer fashionable, and secondly, it is cold because winter is coming. Today we will tell you about five helpers that will save the ankles from the cold, and your image – from failure. How to properly combine shoes and trousers in the cold season?

High socks

If you continue to wear sneakers in the cold season (for example, insulated ones), choose thick long socks that will end already under the jeans.

Socks can be monochromatic and match or completely differ from your image. Sock models with funny drawings and inscriptions are also relevant.


Fancy tights are a risky business. It is easy to integrate polka dot or checkered patterns into your image, but everything is not so simple with more complex patterns. If you still don’t understand how to combine them with dresses and skirts, you can try adding trousers to the image. The pattern on the tights can be seen only in the gap between the shoes and the leg of your jeans.

Boots and ankle boots

The most practical fall/winter shoes can add a couple of problems. For example, if you choose cropped jeans. In this case, there is a gap between your jeans and the boots, which should be covered with tight socks or tights.

However, there is one thing to consider: the gap changes the proportions and can make the legs visually fuller, and you – lower. In this case, you need to be especially careful with the color.

Trumpet boots

In the case of cropped and not too loose jeans or trousers, trumpet boots that are relevant this season can rescue your look. We do a terrible thing: we tuck our pants into the boots (this is, by the way, a fashionable prohibition from the past, which can already be violated).

Wide jeans

What about 2020’s hottest wide-leg jeans and palazzo pants? There are two options.

The first one is more classic: we hide the shoes under wide trousers. However, do not forget about the least pleasant features of autumn: the streets are dirty, which means that it is better to roll the trouser legs up at least once.

The second one is trendy: we tuck wide trousers into boots. This technique will help create a stylish look with rough boots or Chelsea boots with a tractor sole. But it is unlikely to suit boots or ankle boots with heels.

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